WWII Daggers in the Dark

An action arcade and tactical stealth adventure game for PC & XBox.

Exclusive game developer Utopian Game Labs Ltd is delighted to put forward a proposal to develop an arcade adventure and tactical-stealth game based on an imaginary invasion of Great Britain during World War II.

Utopian Game Labs will re-imagine the conflict into a series of titles that will appeal to current games audiences.

  • Category: Mid-core game play, distinctive visual style, inspired by the idea that the Germans succeeded in invading Britain in World War II.
  • Utopian Game Labs is working in a lucrative mid-core genre
  • Continuous but exclusive development: Objective is for 1 core title release every few years focussing on brand development, quality and sales.

Project Summary

  • Publisher: Utopian Game Labs Ltd
  • Proposed Name: “WWII – Daggers in the Dark” (Working Title)
  • Genre: Arcade Action, Hack and Slash Adventure with Guns & Tactical-Stealth (w/ squad based missions)
  • Play Modes: Two player (British or German)
  • Platforms: PC * XBOX. SWITCH to follow
  • Project Start Date: Q1 2018
  • Target Audience: Mid-core to mainstream audiences on Steam and XBL
  • Projected Launch Date: September 2021


Choose which side to take in the epic WWII struggle – Play as Britain, the Patriotic Underdog or as the Invading Nazi Hordes!

Gameplay is a mixture of 3rd person arcade hack and slash adventure with guns and squad based tactical stealth. Influenced mainly by four games , Cannon Fodder, Commandos, Metal Gear Solid and Baldur’s Gate Dark – Alliance, this gameplay experience is unique, rewarding and fun!

Choose your player, assemble your squad for missions and raids from the Army regulars, resistance fighters and from the general population, utilising all of their individual skills to progress through the environment, unseen and undiscovered or outright explosive to complete the objectives of the various raids.

  • Story driven progression
  • Individual & Squad based game-play
  • Adventure and Tactical Stealth based mechanics and missions
  • Dynamically evolving game-map
  • Upgradable team members, via XP and recovered weapons & equipment upgrades
  • Play to Defend or Attack

See the Daggers in the Dark videos here and on YouTube